Performing well on exams, in classes, and on rounds is more than just knowing the medicine.  Our approach to improving performance centers on embracing the whole student.

Because we know students struggle for many reasons, whether it’s an undiagnosed learning disorder, test anxiety, depression, or even drug or alcohol abuse, we provide 360° degree support in the form of behavioral and psychoeducational assessments and, as appropriate, therapeutic treatment and counseling.

Research shows that regular practice of mindfulness reduces anxiety and increases attention and success.  Caduceus Academy students therefore receive mindfulness training alongside their coursework, preparing them for success in their studies and beyond.

We believe in practice and repetition, which improve retention and performance.  Continuous low-stakes assessments, delivered as USMLE style Q&A, are weaved throughout coursework, preparing students for exam day and ensuring that concepts are understood and applied before moving on to the next area of study.