Learning styles for medical students

The term “learning style” refers to the process that best fits the individual while accumulating knowledge. While some prefer listening to learn, others need to write or engage in physical activities to learn. According to Fleming and Mills,  the learning styles can be classified in Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic. There is no evidence guaranteeing that teaching according to the learning style can help a person, yet this cannot be ignored. Today, medical schools attract a diverse population of students that bring multiple styles of learning. Some more traditional schools have been slow in…Read more

Staying Sane: Medical students mental wellness

Medical students are a population at risk of high levels of persistent stress, depression, anxiety and alcohol and drug abuse. Once they enter medical school, their lives change. They are now expected to optimally perform, both academically and professionally, without much preparation or mentorship. The shift from college, or a Post-Bac program to medical school is significant. The expectations from school faculty, family and friends is both motivating and potentially stressful. I often talk with medical students who juggle their school work with pressures from their families. For example, when a family member becomes…Read more
Caduceus Academy At 2015 AAMC Annual Meeting

Caduceus Academy At 2015 AAMC Annual Meeting

Caduceus Academy attended the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) conference and annual meeting: Learn Serve Lead 2015 in Baltimore, Maryland from November 10 - 12, 2015. Our booth was well received at this event.  Several college deans approached us to inquire about the comprehensive  services that we provide, including academic support and behavioral health support to medical students who seek to succeed in USMLE or COMLEX medical exam.    Read more

Test Anxiety: A medical student’s worst enemy

Have you ever studied sufficiently for an exam, only to take the exam and realize you cannot recall much of what you studied? The anxiety that accompanies test preparation and execution can be quite debilitating. It is normal, in fact, an asset to have some level of anxiety when taking an exam. Test taking raises our bar of awareness and performance, which typically does not need to be set to such a high degree. The other element of test taking anxiety is the fear of the unknown - what areas of the material…Read more

5 Ways To Reduce Stress And Maximize Academic Performance

  The demands inherent in the course of medical education can leave the student feeling highly anxious, distracted, forgetful and overly stressed.  Medicine, as a profession, typically attracts highly performing individuals who are able to manage a life of stress with high expectations for excellent performance.  The stakes are often high in medicine! However, at times even the most Type A personality can become overwhelmed. The sheer amount of new data being introduced to the 1st and 2nd year student can leave them with “Brain Overload.” If not managed well, this state can…Read more
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