At Caduceus Academy, we specialize in helping the “at risk” medical student succeed.  Our years of experience advising and counseling hundreds of medical students has taught us that failure doesn’t happen for just one reason.  Whether it’s an undiagnosed learning disorder, test anxiety, depression, or even drug or alcohol abuse, The Caduceus Academy’s professional staff provides 360-degree support in the form of behavioral and psychoeducational assessments and, as appropriate, therapeutic treatment and counseling.  Coupled with our world-class USMLE Step 1 and COMLEX Part 1 live or hybrid course, our graduates go on to successfully pass their boards and move into residency and independent practice.

To date, we have worked with medical students from:

If your program has students at risk of failing out of medical school or failing the USMLE, Caduceus Academy can help.  We are expert in diagnosis and treatment of the struggling medical student.  Contact us today to learn how we can partner to help your at-risk students succeed.